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The Inis Mór (Aran Islands) Bus Tour

• When you first arrive on the Island of Inis Mor you will be in the main village of Kilronan.

• The first stop of our tour will be in Eochaill to view two traditional thatched cottages. These were some of the first houses to be built on the Island many years ago.

• We will then go to Dún Aonghasa, one of the oldest monuments in Western Europe and also one of the most visited forts in Ireland. You will have a chance here to take a short break and have a bite to eat and browse the craft village.

• We will then head to the west side of the Island to The Seven Churches, as well as to the very back of the Island.

• The tour also includes a visit to the shoreline of Bun Gabhla, some Leprechaun houses, a Seal Colony and many more stops on the way!

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